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Cheryl and Derek Carwell
Sunday, May 1, 2016

When my husband and I decided to begin our pool project…we quickly became overwhelmed.  We began our process by meeting with three separate pool company representatives.  Texas Aquatics was the first company we met with and we soon found that the other companies didn’t compare to what our intuition was telling us after our meeting with Rani—that they were the right company for us.  Texas Aquatics exceeded our expectations from day one.

The thoroughness of information that was provided to us was extremely helpful in the designing of our pool.  Their experience in the pool industry helped us make the best decision for our family such as the depth of the pool, size of the sun deck for our toddler, usage of the remaining yard and even placement of the equipment to ensure the aesthetics of our soon-to-be paradise.

Due to the unusual rainy month of May our construction was postponed nearly a month. Ugh! As we were becoming anxious, Dustin and Rani assured us that it was in our best interest to wait it out and not rush into the dig.  This reflected to us that we were not just another “JOB” but Texas Aquatics really values their customers and what it best for them.   We followed their recommendation and soon enough June came and the dig began.   We are so thankful we waited.   June was an exciting month watching the contractors come and go as our pool is starting to emerge.

As a stay-at-home mom, I was a little uneasy about having large numbers of construction workers coming and going each day.   But sure enough, every contractor that Texas Aquatics sent out was polite, accommodating to my needs (coming and going), efficient and left my yard as clean as it could have been.

Open communication was a key aspect in my husband and my decision in choosing a company.   We would call, text and email Dustin and Rani continuously through this process and not once did we feel that we were not considered a top priority. They always responded promptly.

Dustin was always visible during each stage of the construction: morning, evening and weekends.  This made us rest assured that the integrity of the work was being held to a maximum standard.

Even now since our pool has been completed…we still feel like we can call Texas Aquatics for any guidance and with any questions and they are happy to help.  We love our backyard paradise and so thankful we chose Texas Aquatics!