Building Process


Before the dig, your yard will be strategically mapped out with marking paint. Our excavation crew the next day will remove the fence and stake out your yard according to the specifications agreed upon. Excavation is most often performed by a Bobcat tractor and safety fencing is placed where the fence was. This exciting phase is the first of many steps to the final product….your pool is on its way!

Steel and Rough Plumbing

The next phase involves a crew that will form the shape of your pool as it will serve as the skeleton of your pool and provide the support it will need. For most backyard pools the specifications of steel are: 8” on center #3 - 3/8” rebar steel installed on the floor and walls. #4 - ½” rebar steel continuous within the bond beam. Rough plumbing is done during this phase as well.


This next phase is when your pool starts to actually look like a pool. Walls, steps, benches, tanning ledges, raised walls and the spa will be hand carved. The pool shell will be 100% gunite with continuous 12” bond beam – minimum 6”-8” floors and walls.

Plumbing, Electrical and Equipment

This phase can be quite messy as trenches are hand dug and prepared for 2”-2 ½” plumbing and electrical conduit. A licensed plumber and licensed electrician will run all plumbing and electrical to the installed equipment. Equipment will remain powered off until after the plaster start-up/balancing phase.

Tile and Stone

As your pool gunite starts to cure, the tile and stone process will begin. Your choice of waterline tile will be installed in the pool and spa as well as flagstone or travertine coping. Rock waterfalls, weeping walls will be formed and built as well as ledger stone or tile applied to raised walls.


The decking phase is a very exciting time…it means your pool in on the home stretch. A concrete base will be poured, deck drains and your choice of topping will be applied and sealed. If you have chosen to go with concrete cantilever coping instead of flagstone or travertine it will be installed at this time as well.


Plaster is the last big step before your pool is complete. Once the crew has plastered, the pool will filled with water from your water hose. It makes you pool look finished and beautiful!

During this phase there will also be the final clean up going on.

Texas Aquatics will program your automation/ pool equipment at this time.